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Pre Departure

Photos taken at Bay House

(February 27 - 28, 1999)

This is a photo of Bay House taken about 7:30am the morning of February 28, 1999, as we were awaiting the arrival of the new owners. Bay House is a magnificent home--we'll miss it.

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This photo shows the back of Bay House.  We have decks and balconies at three levels overlooking the entrance of Tampa Bay into the Gulf of Mexico.  It is  a wonderful location at the extreme southern tip of Pinellas County.

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Interlude sits at the end of the dock, awaiting high tide, an abatement of the winds, and a final departure.

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This photo, as was the photo before, was taken from Lisa's balcony.  The dock was designed to handle Interlude - I, a 50' Tradewinds.  Interlude - II is much bigger, and just barely fits on the dock.  It would be hard to secure it firmly in case of a major storm given to position of the piling and the dolphins.

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On Sunday, February 28, 1999, Jan and Bill depart Bay House for the last time.   We pose for a picture as we're ready to shove-off about 4:00pm. Bill and Jody Burnett have taken this and the following pictures for us.  Thanks guys!

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Interlude departs.  Jan and Bill have become "boat people" and heading to a great adventure.

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Another quick picture, before we pick up speed and head toward an new lifestyle. A salute on the airhorns tells all of Bayway Isles that the Haueisen's are off for adventure and exploration... Stay tuned as we prepare for our first "boat guests" in mid March, and a dry run of all systems on a long weekend trip to Key West in late March.

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