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Pre Departure

More Preparations, Some Visitors and a Shakedown Trip to Key West 

(Photos taken March 15 - 29, 1999)

Steve and Kathleen Kelly with Jan on the Pier at St. Petersburg.  Behind them is the Bounty, a replica created for the movie, Mutiny on the Bounty.

Steve Kathleen and Lisa on Pier.jpg (32438 bytes)


While we were sightseeing with Steve and Kathleen, Kelly Davis, the owner of Overboard Art, finished painting our name and burgee on both sides of Interlude.  The burgee on the left is the SPYC burgee.  The one on the right is our personal burgee which consists of a globe (signifying our love of travel and adventure), two gold rings (symbolic of our marriage which has made all of this possible), and a stylized script "L" which is crossed as in the pound Sterling sign.  This symbol stands both for Lisa and for Sterling Research.  Kelly has done a wonderful job of bringing them all together.

Kelly Painting.jpg (20620 bytes)


Bill and John Meyers, our good friends who traveled with us to Key West, bring in lines and fenders. We are preparing to depart for Naples on our way to Key West and our shake out cruise aboard Interlude.

Bill & John Meyers Departing.jpg (25084 bytes)


Interlude docks at the Galleon Marina in the Key West Bight.  We're surrounded by beautiful yachts from everywhere.

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This is Jan and Nancy Meyers during our lunch at Kelly's on Key West.  This is the birthplace and museum for Pan Am airways.  John was a pilot for Pan Am at an earlier stage of his life and had many fond memories of that great airline.

Jan and Nancy at Key West.jpg (31303 bytes)


At Key West there are several schooners available for day trips.  This is the "Western Union" which once laid cable in the Caribbean.  Surprisingly it was built in 1939 and used for many years.  Today it provides a great view of sunset on Key West for countless tourists.

Western Union at Key West.jpg (22304 bytes)


The Veendam was docked near the Interlude allowing passengers a day ashore. Now the Interlude doesn't seem so big.

Veendam at Key West.jpg (26087 bytes)


John and Nancy pose near the Veendam.  The weather is picture prefect.

John and Nancy on Key West.jpg (25959 bytes)


Lest you think we're total hedonists, let me reassure you that we also soaked up history as well as sunshine.  This is President Truman's "Little White House" on Key West.  It is now a National Park Service monument and well worth a visit.

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