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Pre Departure

Parties and Farewells

(Photos taken April 11 - 12, 1999)

We brought Interlude to their dock, and offered tours to the group.  We're posing on the bow for pictures.  Jody and Bill agree that the boat looks great at their dock.  Go for it, guys!

On the bow at the Burnette party.jpg (16507 bytes)


John and Pat Walsh with Jan.  John Walsh is the new Chief Operating Officer of Sterling Research and the man in whom we're entrusting our company during our sabbatical.   Pat and John co-sponsored the bon voyage party with the Burnettes.

The Walshs with Jan.jpg (26026 bytes)


The group had a wonderful cake made with a likeness of the Interlude, an outline of our trip and an image of our "personal signal" (our burgee).  That's a lot to get on a cake. 

J & B with Cake.jpg (24152 bytes)


Here's a closer view of the cake.  The group also had a full-sized burgee made for us to fly from the boat.  Our burgee is shown at the right on the cake.  The globe symbolizes our love of travel.  The two gold rings symbolize our marriage.   The stylized script "L" has a dual meaning--representing "L" for Lisa, and representing the symbol for British sterling--the trade mark for our company, Sterling Research.  The candy boats are a close representation of Interlude.

The cake close up.jpg (31641 bytes)