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Section 2

Melbourne to Georgia

(Photos taken April 19 - 24, 1999.)

Dawn is becoming one of our favorite times.  Even Jan agrees!  It is indescribably beautiful along the waterway.

Dawn Along the ICW.jpg (13567 bytes)


The Indian River along Florida's East coast is wide and flat and runs for more than a hundred miles.  At times is is more than four miles wide and seems more like a bay or great lake than a river.

Indian River on Florida Space Coast.jpg (17380 bytes)


Notable along the Indian River is the NASA facilities at Cape Canaveral near Titusville.  Shown in the distance is the Vehicle Assembly Building where shuttles are prepared for flight.  This photo was taken just after an aborted try to launch a Delta rocket.

NASA Vehicle Assembly Building.jpg (17337 bytes)


In the Titusville Municipal Marina we discovered many manatees.  Here are some drinking water from a fresh water garden hose on the dock.  There were probably 10 more more manatees in the marina and they appeared very tame.

Manatees in Titusville.jpg (25554 bytes)


We went to a funky restaurant called Dixie Crossroads in Titusville.  This is a "one-of-a-kind" place!  The restaurant has worked a deal with the marina -- free transportation by taxi for boaters to and from the restaurant.  That's too good a deal to pass up. Ask Jan what she had for dinner...

Dixie Crossing in Titusville.jpg (25573 bytes)


In Daytona Beach, we visited the Halifax River Yacht Club.  This photo shows the Interlude tied to the railing at the club.  This quaint old club has been in existance for more than a hundred years.

Interlude at Halifax River Yacht Club.jpg (20488 bytes)


The next stop is St. Augustine.  Here is a view of the famous Bridge of Lions framed by the bow of the Interlude.  We docked at the St. Augustine City Dock in the heart of it all.

Bridge of Lions in St.jpg (22850 bytes)


St. Augustine is a fascinating town.  In addition to being the "oldest" it also houses some notable architecture including a Flagler hotel that is now Flagler College.  Some of the windows at the college were done by Tiffany.

Flagler College in St Augustine.jpg (28817 bytes)


North of St. Augustine, the waterway becomes less populated.  Here is a view of the pristine area, dotted by occasional cottages or fish camps.

ICW North of St Augustine.jpg (14149 bytes)


We leave Florida and enter Georgia.  This sea buoy approximately marks the state border.

Entering Georgia.jpg (18451 bytes)