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Georgia and South Carolina

(Photos taken April 29 - May 3, 1999.)

An example of the damage (note the missing wood railing) that can occur when currents, wind, or poor control takes it out on the boat.  That will take a week to replace and probably cost $$$.

Damaged Trawler Railing.jpg (24188 bytes)


Passing Hilton Head, SC.  Hilton Head was too close to our stop at Jeckyl Island to warrant a stop, but we did enjoy seeing the famous lighthouse from the channel.

Passing Hilton Head.jpg (15555 bytes)


The beautiful Waccamaw River--a very pleasant change from the low country and endless marshland of northern Georgia and southern South Carolina.

Waccamaw River.jpg (18461 bytes)


Beaufort (bew-fort) SC, a beautiful town which can be seen by foot from the marina.   Many of the homes in this town are pre-Revolutionary war.  This home was built in 1704.

Pre Revolutionary Home in Beaufort SC.jpg (32451 bytes)


The streets feel as if they are from another era.  It's a very peaceful place to just stroll.

Beaufort SC.jpg (33011 bytes)


Many of the old homes are surrounded by brick walls.  This is an example of the style which seems to prevail in Beaufort.

Beaufort SC wall.jpg (33819 bytes)


Often, in shallow water, Interlude is followed by dozens of birds extracting edibles from the stirred-up water in our wake.  They'll follow us for miles.

Birds behind Interlude.jpg (16506 bytes)


Charleston, SC is a gem.  It's historic district is under extensive renovation and worth much more time than we gave it.  This is an example of just one of the homes.   Note the horse-drawn carriage in the lower left corner; it's one of the more elegant ways to see the historic district.

Charleston Home.jpg (26463 bytes)


This is the Nathaniel Russel home which we toured.  It is under renovation as are others, and provides an opportunity to see within the walls in some cases.  Our guide must have been 90 years old!

Nathaniel Russel Home.jpg (20138 bytes)


We had lunch in the Charleston Place hotel in a beautiful courtyard.  It's empty because it's 4pm--a little late for lunch, but the food was wonderful.

Lunch at Charleston Place.jpg (32142 bytes)


Bridges in North Carolina are also ancient.  This is a pontoon bridge at Sunset Beach.  The middle section of this bridge floats and needs to be pulled out of the way for an opening.  Once the cable pulls it open, the cable needs to be dropped to the channel bottom so that boats can pass over it.  The process is very slow.   The photo shows the pontoon section open.

Pontoon Bridge at Sunset Beach NC.jpg (21755 bytes)


Since the pontoon bridge opening is a "big deal", it only opens once an hour.   Needless to say there is a substantial queue of boats waiting when if finally opens.  We were near the head of the procession, but these boats were ahead of us.

Traffic at Pontoon Bridge.jpg (15970 bytes)


It was a wonderful surprise to hear Choraules hailed on the radio, and to discover it is the Bardes' on their way to Chesapeake Bay.  We plan to see Paul and Carol in New Bern on the 5th.  The photo shows Choraules as we're passing.  Note how slow we're going!  No wake! (I hope).

Bardes' Choraules.jpg (20509 bytes)