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Section 2 (continued)

North Carolina

(Photos taken May 4 - 13, 1999.)

We tied to the city dock in Beaufort (bow-fort) NC.  Very nearby was this tour boat which took hordes of school kids to islands on the Outer Banks.  Then in the evening, it did dining and sightseeing cruises for tourists.  Felt rather on display!   [Bill is standing at the sliding door in the salon to take this picture.]

Tour Boat at Beaufort NC.jpg (29920 bytes)


Beaufort is also the home of a large commercial fishing fleet.  This view of the fleet was taken as we walked the beautiful and peaceful streets of Beaufort.

Fishing Fleet in Beaufort NC.jpg (23677 bytes)


In Belhaven, NC, we borrowed a golf cart to travel the 3-4 miles to the Food Lion supermarket.  It worked very well, if a little slowly, on the city streets. Although, we did collect some curious looks.

Golf Cart in Belhaven NC.jpg (25092 bytes)


On Thursday, we crossed Albemarle Sound.  It is a huge body of fresh water the color of root beer and prone to be choppy or even rough to cross.  We had a tranquil day and crossed in about 1.5 hours.  This is a view of the Sound as we left the Alligator River.

Albemarle Sound.jpg (21941 bytes)