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(Photos  taken May 14 - May 18, 1999)

In Coinjock we docked by a pier stretched along the ICW.  The ICW in this area is only a ditch and in Coinjock it isn't even wide.  We had traffic like this passing within feet of Interlude all night.

Coinjock River Traffic.jpg (19384 bytes)


Near the end of the ICW we entered a ditch-like area cut from a forest.  The ditch was lined with tree stumps making passage difficult and dangerous.  Interlude made it through without problems.

Near the End of the ICW.jpg (17270 bytes)


In Norfolk there is a cluster of every type of bridge you can imagine.  Here we are stopped for half a hour while a train passes.  This was just the first of a dozen bridges that needed to be navigated in a schedule.

Stopping for a Train in Norfolk.jpg (15953 bytes)


This is a series of lift bridges.  The far bridge is up and the near bridge is being raised for us.  They are tremendously big and high so that major Navy ships can pass under them.

Lift Bridge near Norfolk.jpg (17663 bytes)


We passed what appeared to be a mothball area for naval ships. This line of ships included probably 20 ships of all different classes, sizes and shapes.

Military Ships in Norfolk.jpg (17443 bytes)


Not far from the mothball area was an active naval ship area which included this aircraft carrier, another major warship in dry-dock, and a third under construction and fully shrouded in scaffolding.

Cruising by an Aircraft Carrier.jpg (16661 bytes)


Section 3 - Chesapeake Bay to New York

Plunging along into Chesapeake Bay--our first stop is Cambridge.  Lisa and JJ joined us in Norfolk, and here we are eating lunch in Cambridge at a pleasant alfresco spot.  Note that the weather has finally improved.

Lunch in Cambridge.jpg (24872 bytes)


We spent the afternoon exploring Cambridge by dinghy.

Jan and Bill in Dinghy in Cambridge.jpg (22913 bytes)


In the Cambridge marina, there were dozens of Mallard ducks which entertained us.

Mallards in the Cambridge Marina.jpg (25542 bytes)