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Section 3

Chesapeake Bay including St. Michaels and Anapolis

(Photos taken May 19 - 30, 1999.)

In Oxford we saw the oldest ferry in continuous operation in the U.S. It carries but three or four cars per trip across the Tred Avon River.  Some accounts hold that it has run from 1760, others say a later date, but either way is quite historic.

Tiny Ferry at Oxford MD.jpg (19570 bytes)


Lisa and JJ rode bicycles about 10 miles to Easton to buy groceries for the dinner they prepared.

Lisa and JJ on Bikes.jpg (25694 bytes)


Our next stop is St. Michael's, Maryland,  which on the BMW scale is an "8" -- very yuppie.  We spent quite some time at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum, one of the best we've ever seen.  The next several photos were taken at the museum.  The first is one of the restored Chesapeake Bay fishing boats.

Historic Boat at St.jpg (24724 bytes)


Another of the restored boats.

2 Hist Boat at St.jpg (26609 bytes)  


Another view of the same boat taken a restored light house which was moved to the site.

3 Hist Boat at St.jpg (26567 bytes)


This is another view from the lighthouse of yet another restored sailing ship.

View from Historic Light House.jpg (20574 bytes)


At dusk, we motored by dinghy to the Inn at Perry Cabin for a truly wonderful dinner in a restaurant owned (and decorated) by the Laura Ashley family.  JJ took this picture.

Dinner in the Dinghy.jpg (22502 bytes)


It was a beautiful evening, and we passed the famouous Crab Shack capturing it in the beautiful dusk sky.

Crab Shack at Dusk.jpg (21887 bytes)



Lisa and JJ paused on the lawn to enjoy the sunset.

Inn at Perry Cabin.jpg (27215 bytes)


Dinner was as tasty at the decor was beautiful.  It was a memorable evening.   Motoring home in the dark and the stillness was a perfect end.

Dinner at the Inn.jpg (24560 bytes)


Note the Interlude at the dock in St. Michaels.  Inspite of the appearance, we were the third largest boat in our marina.

Interlude at St Michaels.jpg (24515 bytes)