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 Section 3 (continued)

Baltimore to New York City

(Photos taken May 31 - June 5, 1999.)

Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a tribute to a city's effort to turn an eyesore into an asset of the first quality, and they have succeeded magnificently.  This is a view from our lunch table across the water.

Baltimore Inner Harbor.jpg (27910 bytes)


This is another view showing some of the festival-like area immediately adjacent to the harbor.  Rouse and Company did a wonderful design and construction job on this complex.

Baltimore Inner Harbor2.jpg (35978 bytes)


This view shows one of the dozens of water taxis leaving the harbor.

Baltimore Inner Harbor4.jpg (29175 bytes)


Finally, this shot shows an ancient powerplant which was been converted to bookstores and restaurants.  What a great feel, and notice how many people were there on Memorial Day weekend.

Baltimore Inner Harbor5.jpg (25205 bytes)


As we left Baltimore early in the morning, the skyline was quiet and still.  This is another kind of magical moment in a typical day of our adventure.

Baltimore Skyline.jpg (18867 bytes)


While we were in Baltimore we flew our flag (insiders know it as a "personal signal") for the first time.  We had been given this flag as a going away gift by our friends in St. Petersburg.  Thanks guys--it look sensational, don't you agree!

Personal Signal.jpg (19623 bytes)


The C&D Canal (the "C&D" stands for Chesapeake and Delaware) connects, cleverly enough, the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays.  Proposed more than two hundred years ago, it was finished in the 19th century.  Part of the way down, we passed under the St. George's Bridge (aptly named, I suppose, because St. George lives there), which looks very much like the Sunshine Skyway bridge in St. Petersburg.  A taste of home.

St George Bridge on C&D.jpg (17862 bytes)


Delaware Bay was rough, windy, and busy.  Here is a partially loaded container ship which passed nearby.

Traffic in Delaware Bay.jpg (17753 bytes)


This is a photo of one of the now-automated lights in Delaware Bay.

Delaware Bay Light.jpg (15099 bytes)


From Delaware Bay we cut through the Cape May Channel into Cape May harbor. (They're so clever how they name these things).  Cape May, New Jersey is on the Garden State Parkway, and you'll always know which exit, because it is the last.  Cape May's central district is on the national register of historic places because of the wonderful collection of Victorian homes that remain.  We took lots of pictures.

Cape May House.jpg (31357 bytes)


Another view along one of the streets near the boardwalk.

Cape May House2.jpg (21778 bytes)


Still another view.  This is a view of the Mainstay Inn--about as cute as they get.

Cape May House3.jpg (22893 bytes)


Another view of the same place, it was so attractive.

Cape May House4.jpg (34811 bytes)


This is the Physick Mansion which we toured.  It even has much of the original furniture in it, and restoration of the interior is well along.

Physick Mansion.jpg (33938 bytes)


We left Cape May and ran up the outside.  There was little to see which was exciting except for the Snake River Inlet (behind the ship's spray in the photo below).   This is exciting because it is the former stomping ground of John Walsh, and he's pertty exciting.

Snake River Inlet.jpg (18069 bytes)


At the end of this run was New York Harbor.  You know you're there when you see the Verrazano Narrows bridge spanning from Staten Island to Brooklyn.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge.jpg (20571 bytes)


Another view of the bridge after we passed by.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge2.jpg (23513 bytes)


New York Harbor on a small boat is almost too much to behold, the next several photos show some of the sights we enjoyed while playing dodge-'em-boat.  This is one of the Staten Island Ferries with Manhattan in the background. We took this photo for our Ed Gillott who used to live on that ferry.

New York Harbor5.jpg (21732 bytes)


Next we saw the Statue of Liberty come into view.

New York Harbor6.jpg (20057 bytes)


What a grand sight.

Statue of Liberty.jpg (22907 bytes)


We proceeded north, toward the financial district of Manhattan and its imposing skyline.

New York Harbor.jpg (20424 bytes)


As we passed-by, this was our view out the rear window of the boat.

New York Harbor4.jpg (24690 bytes)


We tied-up in Weehawken, NJ across from Manhattan.  Here's a view of Jan, Interlude, and the skyline, all in one.  What a bargain.

Interlude in Weehawken.jpg (21896 bytes)


Beyond Manhattan on the New York side of the Hudson is the Amtrack train, running along the river.

Palisades.jpg (18080 bytes)


On the other side of the river, in New Jersey, is the Palisades. This shot gives you some perspective of the height of the cliffs by comparing it to the anchored sailboat in the foreground.  Beautiful!!

Palisades2.jpg (19352 bytes)