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Section 4

The Hudson River

(Photos taken June 6 - June 15, 1999.)

The trip up the Hudson River is beautiful--sometimes beyond description.  This view is taken south of West Point.

Hudson River.jpg (17672 bytes)


West Point Military Academy is impressive from the water.  The next few shots show it from a variety of perspectives.

West Point1.jpg (17241 bytes)


A closer view.  The beautiful yacht in the foreground was moored for a visit.

West Point2.jpg (21831 bytes)


Here is a closer view yet.

West Point4.jpg (20513 bytes)


We rented a car in Kingston and drove to the Vanderbilt Mansion on the Hudson in Hyde Park.  This is the front view of this magnificent mansion.

Vanderbilt Mansion1.jpg (25049 bytes)


This is a side view of the mansion which has more than 50,000 square feet of space.   It was used by the Vanderbilts as a spring and fall home for entertaining.   FDR also lived nearby.

Vanderbilt Mansion3.jpg (27280 bytes)

This is the view of the Hudson from the mansion.  Not bad!!

Vanderbilt Mansion2.jpg (27357 bytes)


In Kingston, we entered the Rondout Creek for our dockage.  It is a beautiful, secluded marina--the prettiest so far.  These bridges and a dog-leg in the canal hid the river from the marina.

Roundout Creek.jpg (17108 bytes)


Continuing further north, we passed a number of quaint and very old lighthouses.   This is the Saugerties Light. built in 1835.

Athens Lighthouse.jpg (18151 bytes)


This is the Athens light (1874).

Athens Lighthouse2.jpg (15611 bytes)


We entered Troy, NY which is at the entrance to the Erie Canal.  Here is a sightseeing boat in the Hudson at Troy.

Troy NY1.jpg (24260 bytes)


This is a canal boat designed for the Erie Canal.  It is modeled after boats of generations ago.

Canal Boat.jpg (30605 bytes)


Troy is the home of "Uncle Sam", that is, the person, San Wilson, after whom the image was cast.  The statue honors him.

Troy NY2.jpg (21043 bytes)


We left Troy by car to visit with friends of many years ago, Chips and Ann Arend.   We drove to their home in the Adirondacks, via a sightseeing tour of the area.   The next few shots are of the Lake George area.

Lake George1.jpg (17919 bytes)


This area in so beautiful and tranquil (exception, see below).  It is understandable why it is such a vacation Mecca.

Lake George2.jpg (20678 bytes)


The Adirondack Mountains frame the area.

Lake George3.jpg (21774 bytes)


This dock is at a group camp we visited.

Lake George4.jpg (30751 bytes)


Oh yes, speaking of tranquility--we hit Lake George on Bikerweek. Nuf said.

Bikeweek at Lake George.jpg (27482 bytes)


They were there by the thousand...

Bikeweek at Lake George2.jpg (27626 bytes)


We continued on to Lake Placid, home of the 1932 and 1980 winder Olympics. We took a chair lift to the base of the sky jump, then the elevator to the top.


Lake Placid Ski Junps.jpg (17500 bytes)


This is the view from the bottom looking up.

Lake Placid Ski Junps2.jpg (15640 bytes)


And from the top, looking down.

Lake Placid Ski Jumps4.jpg (28303 bytes)


We claimed victory for our assault on the summit.  Chips got the first prize, Jan the second, and Ann third...Bill got to take the picture.

Lake Placid Ski Jumps3.jpg (29829 bytes)


We spend the night at their camp (most of us would call it a cottage, but in the Adirondacks it is a "camp").  While there, we kayaked, sailed, etc. What a wonderful break from the Interlude.

Arends Lake Piseco Camp1.jpg (22710 bytes)


Here Chips is at the helm while Ann crews.

Arends Lake Piseco Camp2.jpg (23851 bytes)


A view of Lake Piseco, from the boat.

Arends Lake Piseco Camp3.jpg (23496 bytes)


Now Bill gets the helm and Jan is crew. Sexist, isn't it.

Arends Lake Piseco Camp5.jpg (26844 bytes)


The dock at the Arend's camp.  Note the fleet!

Arends Lake Piseco Camp6.jpg (26563 bytes)


This is a view of the cottage (camp) from the dock, looking up.  The road is well above the top of the roof.  It is a beautiful setting on a beautiful lake.  We hope to be invited back!

Arends Lake Piseco Camp7.jpg (21811 bytes)


Before this trip, we hadn't seen Chips and Ann for nearly 25 years--we had a great reunion.  Thanks for such a great time, Chips and Ann!!

Chips and Ann Arend.jpg (28734 bytes)


Back to the Interlude in Troy, New York.  We are joined by Bob and Trish Birkenstock who will spend a couple of weeks with us.  First item of business is to lower the arch, reducing the height of Interlude to less than 20 feet, so that we can pass under the low bridges (made famous by the song--aptly sung by Trish and Bill, many times.)

Lowering the Arch.jpg (23974 bytes)


It's a quick job (9 minutes, in total, according to Bill--but you might want to check with Jan or Trish)  when all four of us pitch in and do it.  Next big event is the Erie Canal. 

Lowering the Arch2.jpg (22166 bytes)