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Trip Diary
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Great Circle Trip Diary

It includes the period spent traveling from Chicago to St. Petersburg via the river system, plus a "Postscript"

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Diary 22  09/25/99 - 10/09/99  Traveling in the Calumet, Des Plaines, Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio, and Cumberland Rivers

Diary 23  10/10/99 - 10/24/99  The Tennessee River

Diary 24  10/25/99 - 11/09/99  The Tennessee River, the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, and the Lower Tombigbee River

Diary 25  11/10/99 - 11/22/99  The Gulf of Mexico to St. Petersburg

Diary 26  Postscript to the Trip  A few random thoughts about the trip composed after we returned.