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Section 6

Lake Ontario

(Photos taken June 20 - 23, 1999)

Lake Ontario is beautiful

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The water is so clear you can see 10 -15 feet below the surface.  It's a pleasure to be in clean fresh water.  Part of the clarity is due to the Zebra Mussel, which isn't so nice.

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Rochester, NY.  We docked on a busy thoroughfare at Shumway Marina and on Sunday afternoon we enjoyed the passing parade.

Rochester1.jpg (22327 bytes)


We crossed Lake Ontario to Toronto.  Toronto is a thrilling sight.  The CN tower can be seen 20 miles or more.

Toronto1.jpg (17738 bytes)


Toronto is a busy city -- the port bustled with dozens of ships and boats.

Toronto2.jpg (18860 bytes)


Downtown Toronto.  This is a world-class city.

Toronto3.jpg (17979 bytes)


A closer view.  The CN Tower is more than 1100 feet tall.  It has a restaurant and viewing lounge in the wide spot at the 800' level.  Our marina is at the foot of downtown, a great location.

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These are some of the beautiful Canadian Geese (aren't all geese in Canada Canadian?) in the marina.

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Here is a view up the CN Tower.  The small line part of the way up, is a window washing platform. No thanks.

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This is Casa Loma in Toronto.  Built by an eccentric millionaire, it is magnificent.  In its day it hosted heads of state.  Today it is a tourist attraction.

Toronto7.jpg (15843 bytes)


This is the view from Sir Henry's invalid wife's bedroom.

Toronto8.jpg (23003 bytes)


The front entrance to Casa Loma.  The castle was modeled after the best features Sir Henry found in his tour of European castles.

Toronto9.jpg (19854 bytes)


Here is Interlude tied at the Pleasure Craft Dock at the Lake Ontario end of the Welland Canal.  Even though we are heading south, we will be locked up more than 300 feet.  The phone booth is where you call to give the authorities the information about your vessel and get instructions for entering the canal.

Welland Canal1.jpg (21670 bytes)


Entering the first lock.  The large pleasure craft already in the lock is a 110' charter boat being rented by Mel Gibson for $110,000 a week.

Welland Canal2.jpg (22933 bytes)


Here is a closer view of "Mel's boat".  What you can't see is Trish and Jan straining for a view of the pilot house.

Welland Canal3.jpg (24104 bytes)


Here we're rafting a 58' Mckinna to Interlude for the ride up the lock.  They rafted on beside us in each of the first seven locks.  In the last lock, used to equalize the pool to the level of Lake Erie,  we didn't even bother to tie up, we just idled as it filled.

Welland Canal4.jpg (24294 bytes)


The head belongs to Bill, but the view shows the lockman at the top end of our line.   Some walls, huh!

Welland Canal5.jpg (19633 bytes)


We were a tourist attraction at each lock.  Here at lock number 3 there were hundreds of people watching the process.  Probably they're Mel's groupies...that is all except for the large group of Amish, I don't think they're groupies.

Welland Canal6.jpg (22350 bytes)


A view of Bill "holding" a line, actually it's cleated to the boat.  The doors are behind him, made of steel.  The leaking between the doors is common.

Welland Canal7.jpg (20046 bytes)


Here at lock number seven, we watch a huge freighter exit the lock.  The lock is 760' long and 80' wide.  The ship is 740' long and 75' wide.  Looks like the lock is giving birth.

Welland Canal10.jpg (21312 bytes)


Here the freighter is almost completely out of the lock.  We were wailing to exit our lock and could not leave until the freighter was clear.

Welland Canal11.jpg (22591 bytes)


Here we enter one of the stair-step locks.  As we exit this lock we immediately enter the next.  One set of lock gates works on both locks.

Welland Canal9.jpg (22117 bytes)


Here we are tied near the front of a a lock.  The waterfalls is pretty, but disappears as the lock fills.

Welland Canal12.jpg (22890 bytes)


This is the traffic we encountered as we left lock number eight, a short way from Lake Erie.

Welland Canal13.jpg (16813 bytes)


Bob and Trish take in the sights as we enter Lake Erie.

Welland Canal14.jpg (21018 bytes)


The lighthouse signifies the end of the Welland Canal.  The Mckinna ahead of us is heading for northern Michigan and plans to be there in two days.  Guess we could be making better time if we wanted to.

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