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Section 7

Lake Erie

(Photos taken between June 25 and July 2, 1999)

First of all, lets dispel all the notion that Lake Erie is ugly.   The cruising guides, almost to a one, say that Lake Erie is something just to be endured.  We may have a bias, but we found it beautiful and inviting.  This is a view looking westward from Buffalo--what could be nicer?

Lake Erie.jpg (18915 bytes)


We spent a pleasant night at the Dunkirk Yacht Club in Dunkirk, NY.  Wonderful and hospitable people.

Dunkirk.jpg (27163 bytes)


This photo was taken for two purposes, first for Trish Birkenstock since it is our only photo of Pennsylvania.  Secondly, note the small cloud in the center of the sky--that was the only cloud we saw that day.

Lake Erie2.jpg (13048 bytes)


Weather has been so good, that we're now eating lunch, under weigh, on the bridge deck.

Lunch on the Bridge.jpg (22713 bytes)


We arrived in Cleveland, and met with many friends and family.  Mary and Roy Gienke (not shown because Bill was too slow with the camera, live in Medina which is south of Cleveland.  You need to look past these high-rise towers to see Median.

Cleveland.jpg (16509 bytes)


Jan's college friend, Ann Euranius, came for an afternoon while Bill was in New York on some business.

Euranius3.jpg (22692 bytes)


Ann has two beautiful daughters, Megan (who is an expert ice skater), and Erin (who is a math whiz).  We enjoyed the opportunity to meet Ann's family.

Euranius2.jpg (23358 bytes)


On Thursday evening, Beth and Don Maxwell came from Columbus to join us for dinner and the night.  We were grateful they were willing to drive up just for the night.

Maxwell.jpg (26111 bytes)


As we prepared to depart Cleveland, we enjoyed the skyline.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is to the left (rather difficult to see).

Cleveland2.jpg (19201 bytes)


This is the old lighthouse at Cleveland's main harbor entrance.  The days of the Cuyahoga catching fire are gone--these waters are beautiful, thanks in part to environmental clean-up, and to the Zebra mussel.

Cleveland3.jpg (15137 bytes)


This is another view of the lighthouse as we pass it on our way to Sandusky.

Cleveland4.jpg (18091 bytes)