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Section 7 (continued )

Lake Erie to Lake Huron

(Photos taken between July 2 and July 10, 1999)

We're docked in Sandusky near Cedar Point in a spot that is perfect for people (and boat) watching.  During the day on the 4th of July, a small sailboat (+/- 20 feet) sank near us.  Note the top of the mast sticking out of the water in the center of the picture.

Sandusky01.jpg (18874 bytes)


The balance of the afternoon was spent watching the rescue of the boat (the occupants were rescued immediately).

Sandusky02.jpg (18785 bytes)


We had a Ferne Family Reunion which lasted three days.  From left to right is Jan's sister-in-law Robbin (who is traveling with us), her son, Brent, Jan, and another of Jan's sister-in-laws, Nancy.

Sandusky03.jpg (27779 bytes)


Add in this picture, yet another sister-in-law, Sherry (on the right).

Sandusky04.jpg (25631 bytes)


This photo includes Beth (John and Sherry's daughter), and John, Jan's older brother.   John and Sherry live nearby and provided home-base for the reunion.

Sandusky05.jpg (24946 bytes)


Add in this photo, Wayne, on the left, Jan's brother who is traveling with us for several days.

Sandusky06.jpg (25155 bytes)


This photo adds some more of the "kids":  Karen, John and Sherry's daughter; Sarah, Rich and Nancy's daughter; and Megan, Wayne and Robbin's daughter.

Sandusky07.jpg (25512 bytes)


This photo completes the crowd, from the left is Rich, Jan's brother; Bill, Jan's husband; and Rob, Beth's husband.

Sandusky08.jpg (23696 bytes)


Part of the fun of a 4th of July cookout is stopping at a roadside vegetable market for the best in local melons and sweet corn. It simply doesn't get any better that this!   (In case you haven't noticed, we like to eat well.)

Sandusky09.jpg (29265 bytes)


John and Sherry have a new home in West Harbor near Sandusky, and near Port Clinton where we sailed our Paceship more than 20 years ago.  The home is beautiful, and the view from their deck is superb.

Sandusky10.jpg (22233 bytes)


We left Sandusky after the reunion and passed Marblehead with it's light, the oldest in the Great Lakes.  It was built in 1821.

Lake Erie01.jpg (16545 bytes)


As we approach Toledo, we pass the beautiful Toledo Light.

Toledo01.jpg (15279 bytes)


This light is more that 9 miles from Toledo and marks the channel taken by freighters (and the Interlude) through the shallow waters of western Lake Erie.

Toledo02.jpg (19220 bytes)


We docked at the Toledo Yacht Club and grilled sausages brought from Columbus by Wayne and Robbin.  A specialty of Schmidt's in German Village is their Bahama Mamas.   Probably one of Bill's all-time favorites!

Toledo03.jpg (25575 bytes)


We enjoyed a visit and picnic dinner with Robbin's mother (from right), Brother Andy (back left) and Andy's wife, Debbie (back right).  Robbin is also in the picture at the front left.

Toledo04.jpg (26583 bytes)


The Toledo Yacht Club has a magnificent facility tucked in a side channel in the Port of Toledo.

Toledo05.jpg (24268 bytes)


While in Toledo, we spotted the infamous "Sea Dozer" at a nearby yacht club.   See our commentary dated May 3, 1999 for an incident that involved Sea Dozer.   We did not meet the captain or crew.

Toledo06.jpg (19339 bytes)


We left Lake Erie and entered the Detroit River.  The Detroit River is one of three serial waterways that connect Lake Huron with Lake Erie.  Water runs rapidly through this system and flushes even the results of heavy industry like this steel plant quickly from the waterway leaving beautiful translucent water.

Detroit01.jpg (17440 bytes)


We approach downtown Detroit.  The bridge in the foreground is the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit with Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Detroit02.jpg (17304 bytes)


We docked at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club as the guest of Bob and Vickie Liggett.   This is the club that sets the standards for all others.  Note the walkway draw bridge that opens to let boats come and go.

Detroit03.jpg (22615 bytes)


A cold front passed and broke the back of the heat wave we were enduring.  The following day was picture perfect.  This is the Grosse Point Yacht Club facility with the Interlude tied up in front.

Detroit04.jpg (20987 bytes)


A little vanity, I guess, but Interlude looked so perfect in the clear cool air.

Detroit05.jpg (22317 bytes)


While in Detroit, we met Nils Erik Aaby, a close personal friend of our family.   Nils Erik works in Detroit but lives in Denver.  Talk about a commute!   Nils Erik and his family will travel with us later in the month.

Detroit07.jpg (25314 bytes)


We had drinks in the tower pub (see above) and this is the view of the marina from the window.

Detroit08.jpg (23570 bytes)


The women (Jan and Robbin) got the giggles this night during dinner and it had something to do with the fact that there was mouthwash in the bathroom but no cups to dispense it into.  So, we gallant men, ready to lay our coats in the puddles for our women, sprinted to the men's room and filled cups with mouthwash, which we ceremoniously delivered to the women who were standing in the lobby.  We may not be invited back to the GPYC!

Detroit09.jpg (24873 bytes)


The St. Claire River is a tranquil waterway lines with cottages and homes.  This small frame church is typical of the view.

St Claire River01.jpg (18455 bytes)


This is a view off the bow of Interlude while traveling against the current in the St. Claire River.  Michigan is on the left, and Canada is on the right.

St Claire River02.jpg (19579 bytes)


This is a terrible picture, taken surreptitiously, but it is too cute to pass up.   We docked in Port Huron at the municipal dock which is in front of a firehouse, among other things.  In the evening, on a warm summer night, there isn't too much going on at the firehouse, so here are six firemen sitting on folding chairs they've brought to the water edge.  There's watching the passing parades and admiring the boat hood ornaments (ask Bill, not Jan, for an explanation).

Port Huron01.jpg (18786 bytes)


Dinner in Port Huron was, again, courtesy of Wayne and Robbin, who had brought magnificent strip steaks along.  What a feast.

Port Huron02.jpg (27165 bytes)


As we leave Port Huron and enter Lake Huron, we pass the Port Huron Light near Fort Gratiot.  Lake Huron, at last!

Port Huron03.jpg (19928 bytes)