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Section 8

Lake Huron

(Photos taken between July 10 and July 20, 1999)

We start this series of photos in Bay City, Michigan.  Bay City lies up the Saginaw River.  These first two shots show you the traffic on the river on Sunday afternoon.  Combine this traffic with Gestapo tactics of the county Mounties, and it makes it very difficult for a boat the size of Interlude to maneuver.

Bay City5.jpg (15447 bytes)


Here's the view behind us.

Bay City6.jpg (18231 bytes)


This is the Saginaw River light at the entrance to the river.

Bay City4.jpg (17607 bytes)


A beautiful sunset.

Bay City.jpg (22614 bytes)


Another shot.

Bay City2.jpg (22649 bytes)


In Bay City, we sat under the Citgo sign at the gas dock.  You cannot even imagine how many bugs it attracted.

Bay City3.jpg (20859 bytes)


While we were in Bay City, Adam, Rich and Nancy's youngest came by for a visit.   He also drove us to the airport.  He goes to Capital University in the fall.    Thanks for the help, Adam!

Adam Ferne.jpg (22526 bytes)


We were also visited by more ducks--duck, ducks, ducks everywhere,  but they're so cute.  Trish Birkenstock likes to watch their little web feet working so hard.   Is that kinky?

East Tawas.jpg (17970 bytes)


Here they are again.  If one of the babies gets separated, and the often do, they quack like mad until mama finds them.

East Tawas2.jpg (17476 bytes)


On our way to East Tawas, we saw this loading dock for limestone.  The dock was probably a mile out in the water.  It was supplied with rock by the overhead tramway.  

East Tawas3.jpg (14156 bytes)


Just a couple of shots to let you know that we actually do a lot of our own maintenance.

Engine Room.jpg (23192 bytes)


These Detroit Diesel engines have performed flawlessly so far on the trip. 

Engine Room2.jpg (32605 bytes)


This is the Old Presque Isle (pronounced press-keel) light.  Presque Isle means "almost an island".  It also means "really a peninsula", but that's in Polish.  Note the beautiful water...you can see twenty feet or more underwater.

Presque Isle.jpg (20344 bytes)


A sailboat leaves the Presque Isle marina.  This is one of the state-built marinas which ring Michigan's lower peninsula.  If the state had not stepped-in and built these harbors, there would be few places to dock in the state.  Most are very nice.

Presque Isle2.jpg (19126 bytes)


This is a view of the Presque Isle marina.

Presque Isle3.jpg (27067 bytes)


This is a view of the entrance to the Rogers City marina.  Another state facility.

Rogers City.jpg (19389 bytes)


A view of the Rogers City marina.  Note the weather; perfect!

Rogers City2.jpg (18110 bytes)


Another view of the Rogers City marina.  This is a major white fish area.

Rogers City3.jpg (22412 bytes)


In Cheboygan (with a "c") we went well down the river and docked at the city dock.  Note how narrow the river is at this point.  Turning Interlude around was exciting (for everyone)!

Cheboygan.jpg (21108 bytes)


This is another view, Interlude is in the foreground.  We docked next to a park which had huge walnut trees. Extraordinary!

Cheboygan2.jpg (20383 bytes)


That night we had a bodacious sunset. The next three shots show the progression.

Cheboygan3.jpg (18491 bytes)



Cheboygan4.jpg (16684 bytes)


It keeps getting better.  Note the Mackinac bridge near the horizon to the left.

Cheboygan5.jpg (16410 bytes)


We had dinner at the Boathouse, which was within 12 feet of where Interlude was docked.   Excellent Walleye--another of the fresh water fish taken locally.

Cheboygan6.jpg (27338 bytes)


As we left the Cheboygan River, we passed the icebreaker Mackinaw--largest on the Great Lakes.  It is to be retired this year and will become a museum in Cheboygan.

Cheboygan7.jpg (19542 bytes)