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Section 8 (continued)

North Channel of Lake Huron

(Photos taken between July 26 and July 31, 1999)

We leave Sault Ste Marie and head down the St. Joseph Channel toward the North Channel of Lake Huron.  This small light marks the entrance to the St. Joseph Channel from the north.

North Channel.jpg (21720 bytes)


We pass through a narrow pass with high cliffs on one side.  Very different than anything we've seen to date.

North Channel03.jpg (22709 bytes)


Our first night in the North Channel is at Gore Bay.  This area of Canada is dotted with tiny towns--some so small that they have less than 100 residents.  Gore Bay was one such town, but filled with very hospitable people.

North Channel05.jpg (22778 bytes)


This photo doesn't do justice to the spectacular full moon we had in Gore Bay.   The moon streak on the water added to the effect.

North Channel07.jpg (11548 bytes)


We spent our second night in Little Current.  This is a funnel-like channel that connects the North Channel with Georgian Bay, hence there are tons of touring boats either staying here or passing through.  Near the channel is a small park that was within our view from the alfresco dining table we enjoyed.

North Channel09.jpg (25008 bytes)


While we were in a marina, many boats tied to the city wall.  This is a view from the park (above) viewing the river looking east.

North Channel11.jpg (26955 bytes)


Our third night was spent in Meldrum Bay--the tiniest town of all.  This is a view up the main street.

North Channel23.jpg (22392 bytes)


But they had something no place else has had (so far), a local baker who delivers!   Here's Bill standing in line waiting his turn at the station wagon.

North Channel19.jpg (25588 bytes)


The take was a bumbleberry pie which we ate before dinner, and with ice cream, no less.

North Channel21.jpg (24667 bytes)


Our dinner of "whole whitefish for two" was at the Meldrum Bay Inn.   Nice people, good food in the middle of nowhere.

North Channel24.jpg (25706 bytes)


A Boy Scout boat was tied up near us at Meldrum Bay.  After dinner the boys took one more swim from the dock by the Interlude.  It was fun watching them clown around.

North Channel28.jpg (24599 bytes)


Interlude was the big kid on the block at Meldrum Bay.

North Channel26.jpg (25976 bytes)


Our run back from the North Channel to Mackinaw City was done on a perfect day--85 miles, hardly a cloud in the sky, crystal clear water, and perfect temperatures.

North Channel35.jpg (24317 bytes)


The Watch Captain of a ship this big must always be alert and professional.  Here the Watch Captain mans the controls alfresco.

North Channel33.jpg (23543 bytes)


Other times the Watch Captain must be diligently tending the gauges and the CRTs.   Here the Watch Captain does her stuff on her shift.

North Channel34.jpg (21109 bytes)


Our arrival back in civilization is marked by our passage past Mackinac Island.

Mackinaw City.jpg (20969 bytes)


And a view of the Mackinac Bridge as we head to Mackinaw City Marina.

Mackinaw City03.jpg (20736 bytes)