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Section 9 (continued)

Lake Michigan

(Photos taken between September 10 and 18, 1999)


While we had a car rented, we drove to the Sleeping Bear dunes to see them up close.   Rather impressive sand pile.

Frankfort01.jpg (16933 bytes)


In Frankfort, we tied up to a long face dock in a small lake.  It is a nice anchorage.

Frankfort02.jpg (24761 bytes)


Already, boats are coming out of the water in anticipation of winter.

Frankfort03.jpg (32976 bytes)


We stayed at the Anchorage Marina in Holland.  A nice marina in a very nice town.   This is a close-up of how they bring all boat utilities together in one place.   This is about the best situation we've encountered in the whole trip.

Holland01.jpg (24541 bytes)


This is the same view from a little further back.  Low water was not a problem for us, our deck was exactly at dock level and very convenient.

Holland02.jpg (26160 bytes)


In Holland, our dock is adjacent to a small park, and across the street from condos.   Civilization!

Holland03.jpg (27199 bytes)


On our way into Saugatuck, we passed dredging operations.

Saugatuck01.jpg (27541 bytes)


Saugatuck is on the Kalamazoo River, and along the entrance is the Broward Michigan yard.  Home James is ready for sea trials.

Saugatuck02.jpg (22488 bytes)


Further along the entrance are some swans--first we've seen on the trip.

Saugatuck03.jpg (24583 bytes)


One came near for a handout.

Saugatuck04.jpg (14412 bytes)


In Saugatuck, one of our favorite destinations on the trip, is an ancient (1839) chain ferry.  It is primitive but still works.

Saugatuck05.jpg (30317 bytes)


The ferry is pulled along a chain which is stretched across the waterway.  Passing boats need to be careful and not pass closely so that the chain can sink back to the bottom.

Saugatuck06.jpg (27023 bytes)


And, it is hand powered!  Note the crank on the white box in the center of the picture.  They charge $1.00 for the 300 foot ride.

Saugatuck07.jpg (27240 bytes)


Saugatuck is an artist colony.  Even the public restrooms are painted!

Saugatuck08.jpg (33971 bytes)


Our dock was, again, near a park.  This gazebo is the site of summertime concerts.

Saugatuck09.jpg (32782 bytes)


Here's the park as shot from our pilot house.  Close but no invitations to dinner.

Saugatuck10.jpg (27862 bytes)


Our last stop in Michigan is South Haven, only 68 miles as the crow flies from Chicago.   Since it is across water I assume the crow has water wings...  This is Interlude at dock.

South Haven01.jpg (32014 bytes)


In South Haven there is a small museum and a Coast Guard exhibit on search and rescue boats. Very interesting.  Search and Rescue has been a big role for the Coast guard for a century or more.  Lake Michigan probably has more than its share of rescues.

South Haven02.jpg (20627 bytes)


It's hard to describe how beautiful the fall weather is.  Today, in South Haven, it's a high of about 70, gentle breezes, crystal clear water and skies.  Not bad.   This is a view of another marina across the Black River from where Interlude is docked.

South Haven03.jpg (24755 bytes)