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Section 9 (continued)

Chicago and Environs

(Photos taken 9/18/99 to 9/25/99 while in the Chicago Area.)

Cows are the big thing in Chicago.  There are hundreds of them.  Why cows?  Why not--nicer than pigs???  Bigger than chickens???  Who knows.


Steve Kelly is standing by one of these decorated cows (each cow is decorated with a different theme--from glitter to camouflage and everything in between) .  Steve is a professor in Chicago and a great long-time friend.  He is one of the four founders of our company, Sterling Research.


Steve pointed out the famous clock on Marshall Field's flagship store.


This is a closer look. 


Steve and his wife, Kathleen, and yet another cow.


We went sightseeing with the Kelly's and one stop had to be the bar at the top of the John Hancock building (80 floors more or less).  This is a view looking south.


And a view looking North.


And a view as the sun set.


Part of our sojourn in Chicago we spent at Burnham Harbor which is adjacent  to Chicago's business district. Here we're moving down the channel in this large marina toward our berth.  Note the Sears tower in the background.


As part of our staging to enter the Calumet Sag, we moved the boat a few miles south and east to Hammond, Indiana.  This is the Interlude at the end of one of many many finger piers in this huge marina.  While the marina is beautiful and very complete, it's not in a very desirable part of the the greater Chicago area, so we mostly stay in the marina.


On our first day in the marina, Steve and Kathleen came over for lunch.  Kathleen brought some wonderful gourmet goodies and we have a perfect afternoon on the bridge deck.


While we were eating, one of those curious amphibious cars putted by.  We've seen several on our journeys and they never cease to fascinate.  I wonder how they handle in rough seas?  Do you suppose they have a bilge pump?  Can you open the car doors?


We share space at this marina with a large gambling boat.  To meet the letter of the law, once or twice a day it leaves the dock, heads out a few hundred yards into Lake Michigan then turns around and comes back.  All the gambling seems to be done at the dock.